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Originals from: ASTRE and Carlos De La Ruiz REMIXES by: James Cole and Daniel Meister​




Artist: James Cole
Label: 8Bit
Release Date: 15-10-2018
Genres: Deep House, deep tech, Minimal

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1. Collective Machine & James Cole - I'm Okay (8bit) Buy Track

About Album

8BIT collab EP
Release Date 2018-10-15
Label 8Bit
Title: I’m Okay (Original mix)

Collab track between Collctive Machine & James Cole at the legendary 8BIT label.

Davide Squillace: will defo play it, thks for this
Mat.Joe: DOPE!!! Thanks for the good music!!!
Riva Starr: nice release
CamelPhat: Supporting 🙂
Anja Schneider: really love the Collective Machine Tracks .. prob I m okay is my favorite here but have to listen carefully again.
Reboot: wieder mal eine sehr geile 8bit! Werde alle stücke spielen und Supporten. I’m Okay ist mein favorite.
Detlef: Cool, I’ll check it out.
Dario D’Attis: wow. . . all 3 tracks sounds wicked to me. gonna play them for sure.
dOP: huru voodoo and im ok are great !
Leon: great tracks here. I will play it
Mihai Popoviciu: nice one, i like all 3 tracks here!
Josh Butler: Im liking these. will support!
MAR-T: ‘Im OK’ for me….. really like the groove. Amnesia closing track :-))
Bart Skils: great groove, vibe and sounds! very cool ep..
Franky Rizardo: Amazing, love these! supporting
Hollen: nice stuff – support
Francisco Allendes: loving all 3 tracks on this one!
Gel Abril: Love the works here !
Tripmastaz: oohhh…Im really into ‘Im okay’!
Pornbugs:”I’m Okay” okay for us, super nice track.
Alexander Aurel: Super EP

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